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ife, every day, presents us with its quintessential hurdles. Sometimes we take the white route, other times we take the black route, but most of the time the route is neither white nor black but is grey. A black for one may be white for the other, who’s to judge, but the mixture of the two colours, is definitely grey.

This collection of eleven short stories basically revolves around emotions and actions we tend to feel and take to overcome the trials of life. The betrayal of a friend, the greed of an employee, the disgust of an old man, the possessiveness of a mother-in-law, the insecurity of a woman, the love of a mother, the jealousy of a sibling, the rashness of the young, the anxiety of a groom, the hope of a beggar or even the despair of a lake, are all but natural emotions, be it ‘Black, White and Grey.’

Black White and Grey

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