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This book 'Calamities and Basic Infrastructure' has been designed to raise the level of awareness of the people relating to natural and man-made calamities which can impose serious impact on the infrastructures with special reference to hazard infested North-East region, India. It will also assist and guide the people in general and technocrats in planning, designing and execution in the field of Civil Engineering raising awareness for providing purposeful, useful, safe, sound, durable and worth the value infrastructure to have a sustainable development in the region. It is a very informative book useful for end users of basic infrastructure, students, young professionals and even beginners in the line of engineering construction. The author has vast experience in planning, designing and execution of civil engineering works in Indian climatic conditions and also arid climatic regions of UAE. He imparted knowledge as a visiting faculty in Architectural college. He has been able to solve most of the challenging problems of various categories of infrastructures. In preparation of the book, the author has put in lots of effort so as to minimize the gaps between a design engineer and field engineer and the people as a whole in building infrastructure by providing a lot of information about the standards and guidelines in use in present day context. The author has discussed in detail about various practical problems faced by the people and engineers in the field and suggested various approaches to tackle these problems depending on the local condition. In order to make the book more usefu a number of chapters are incorporated considering the field condition and prevailing norms and guidelines.

Calamities and Basic Infrastructure

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