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The Land of India: From then to now The Penguin History of Ancient India: From the Origin to AD 1300 is a historical tribute to Indian history and the rich culture and heritage of ancient India. The book explores India's past quite vividly, helping readers to visualize the formation of a nation and how it grew and flourished over generations. It explores all varieties of hue that India represented from then to now and documents India like it has never been documented before. A Ride Through the Ages The historical book starts right from the prehistoric era and enumerates the good and the bad of every era that followed. It compares the religious customs, living habits, economical prosperity, traditions and rituals of each era, giving readers a clear idea of how India formulated to be what it is today. Emergence of all the great dynasties have been discussed in detail and it is made clear what the emergence of a particular dynasty meant for India. It also documents names of revered scholars, rulers and visionaries through the ages and discusses their contributions. It explains how religious sects took root in the Indian society and what each sect believed, the creation of the epic mythologies, etc. The book ends narrating the events of 1300 AD, during the reign of the last Chola ruler Rajendra III. The book has been composed using authentic historic data computed using modern scientific methods, thus offering readers a refreshing new take on prehistoric India. About The Author Romila Thapar is author to several historic books such as Early Indian History: A Reader, Ancient Indian Social History, etc. A renowned Indian historian, Thapar graduated from Punjab University and went to complete her doctorate from School of Oriental and African Studies. Her books are mostly pertaining to ancient Indian history. Her works have been critically acclaimed all over the world and she has won many awards and recognition for her contributions to the arena of ancient Indian history. The book is available online for convenient shopping. You can bag this book from A today by following a few easy steps.


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