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While the spoken word can travel faster, you can't take it home in your hand. Only the written word can be absorbed wholly at the convenience of the reader”. Kingman Brewster, Jr., the American educator, academic and diplomat, hit the nail on the head when he came up with the above observation. It is not off the mark when we say that words react like the process of conduction. There is a transfer of energy from the thinker-writer to the reader-absorber. Inked Wreaths, the second iSPELL anthology, strikingly transmits the élan vital emanating from the creative minds contributing to this issue. The varied manifestations of life, wreathed with its paeans and laments, crisscrosses the volume that can leave a trail of visceral feelings in its wake. The stories curated in Inked Wreaths are a melange of hope, emotions and lived reality painted in the imagination of the written word.

Inked Wreaths

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