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Some societies adore perfect marriages. If it is not perfect, then the husband and wife are expected to keep attempting – until it is perfect, or one of them adjusts. In most cases one of them works endlessly to mend the fences, losing themselves or their true persona in the entire process. Is the emotional drain worth it? The idea of this story is to give a light knock on the conscience of the society that idealizes staying put in an unhappy marriage where both husband and wife cannot continue to grow together. Parting ways is always an option to suicides, murders, illicit relations, and cheatings – no matter how late it is.


Darting through the period between 1950s and 2010s, from village farms to cities, It Was Always Dark is the story of an ambitious girl whose life takes different turns after her marriage, how she manages those changes, and what is ultimately left with her in the end.

It was Always Dark

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