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"Life started with imagination, Poetry gave that imagination a frame" Sayanee Mukherjee's lines are an excellent way to begin this amazing collection of poetry. She describes herself as a "young and anonymous poet," yet her name will soon reverberate throughout the poetic cosmos, as one can sense the powerful vibes contained in every verse waiting to be unlocked here. The range of themes and expressions is diverse, including serious compositions, wishful thinking, and verses with comical endings. Her words have the ability to captivate the reader, either eliciting a grin or a tear. The poem 'Stop' challenges the social institutions that confine women. Her poetic lyrics are full with emotions. 'Music Please,' for example, is a poetry that makes the reader laugh. The sharp and hard-hitting poetry 'Nature,' on the other hand, will allow the reader to pause for thought. Many poets struggle to write about humour and tragedy at the same time, but Sayanee does it effortlessly throughout this title. 'Rain Rain Come Again' captures her innocent simplicity. The way she wrote the verse 'Love Of Life' demonstrates her creative breadth. Though every verse contained in this book is worth immersing oneself in it, 'Not A Selenophile' and 'Poetry' are two of my personal favourites. To truly appreciate the depth and range of poetry that arose from Sayanee's psyche, one must read every poem in this collection. ~Snehal Deb Guwahati, 25th May, 2022 Author of Whispers From Saraighat Permanent Way Engineer at Northeast Frontier Railway, Maligaon

Ode To My Mind

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