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Three spirited young women—Amby, Mini and Bobby—arrive in magical Greece for a Writers’ Workshop. Each is chasing a secret dream, hoping to change track from jobs that are not fulfilling enough. For them ‘the world is full of books in search of authors’. Amby had recklessly quit a cushy corporate job to become the ghost Twitter-writer for KayKay, the hot new Kollywood superstar. Reinventing him as India’s Wittiest Tweeter was heady—until Amby starts craving to be famous for her own writing. Mini, a bestselling children’s books author, arrives with a fantasy of writing erotic novels. And Bobby quits a super successful career as an advertising copywriter to turn into a travel writer. Their creative journey leads to deep friendships and truly inspiring lessons for life. But...unexpected twists and turns are bound to happen in impossibly romantic Santorini...

Runaway Writers

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