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One of the most famous books of the author, Angry River is a classic, enriched with drama, beauty, adventure and poignancy. The novel narrates the story of a young girl, Sita, who resides on a small island with her grandparents. The island is idyllic, ensconced in greenery and immense natural beauty. The trio live in a small thatched hut. The book commences with Sita's grandmother falling severely ill and her fisherman grandfather leaving the island along with her on a boat as she needs to be taken to the hospital. Sita is left on her own with the promise that her folks will return in a few days. Her grandfather also warns her of an impending thunderstorm and instructs her that if the water level rises to cover the entire island, she must seek refuge atop the peepal tree. Soon, as foretold, it begins to rain heavily. When Sita looks outside, she notes the rising level of the raging river. So she quickly packs a few important things in her trunk, but forgets her favorite doll, Mamta. She ascends the tree and waits for the storm to abate, but the water level only keeps rising. She is about to abandon all hope when a young boy in a boat rescues her. He introduces himself as Krishna and offers her mangoes to eat. Sita later learns that her grandmother has passed away and is reunited with her grandfather. The two return to the island to rebuilt their hut and start their lives anew. This edition of Angry River

The Angry River

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