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Our humble introduction to a bow and arrow. Countless stories on Nani's lap. Our first stirrings of sacrifice. The inspiration for all our who-can-jump-across-this-ocean-like-a-puddle games.


We are Paper Boat. We make drinks, but we serve memories. And today, we bring you R.K. Narayan's retelling of the timeless Ramayana. A story of love and valour. An epic whose wealth is vast and wise. A tale that is gift handed down from generation to generation, whose light shines bright in each of us.


This is our celebration of the story we are all eager to hear one more time. To once again fold our legs underneath us and listen, with rapt attention, to a quiet voice narrate that unforgettable journey.


So please have a sip, turn a page. And float away on a Paper Boat.







The ramayana

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