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This book, born from a serendipitous twist of fate in 2023, transforms the author’s passion for writing into a vivid exploration of the science behind our most cherished connections. Join Mousumi in this delightful expedition into the heart of human bonds, where poetry meets profound insights, creating a narrative that resonates with the beauty and complexity of life’s interconnected threads. As you delve into the pages of this remarkable work, prepare to be immersed in a world where science isn’t dry facts but a living, breathing narrator. “The Science of Human Connection” is an extraordinary fusion of scientific insights and storytelling , inviting readers to uncover the profound secrets that bind us all. Mousumi Rajbangshi invites you to witness science as a living, breathing entity with stories to tell. Each chapter is a journey of human experiences woven together with the threads of scientific understanding. It’s not about atoms and neurons; it’s about the resonance of shared humanity. Mousumi Rajbangshi’s debut work, “The Science of Human Connection,” science isn’t just a sterile set of facts; it’s a vibrant storyteller with tales to share.

The Science of Human Connection

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