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Product: Thoughts of a Single Mind and WissenMonk Anthology 2020 combo pack

Product type: Ebook


Thoughts of a single mind:

Product type: Poetry ebook

Author: Neha Bharali


Thoughts of a Single mind takes you into a world of words that makes you feel at home. We all are vulnerable, we all are victims of our own thoughts. This book brings to you a part of you, that you fear to explore. Into the world of art, I take you. In just mere stanzas, Thoughts of a Single Mind will make you feel at home.



From the author: I am what I write and somewhere down the line I reflect you.. Where was I and where am I. I have always been vocal about my experiences with life because it is an escapance for me. I began to write for as long as I can remember. At 21 being able to write my own book with nothing to hold onto other than my capabilities, is big for me. I have been through a lot to be where I am today and there is no stopping. Believe and just do what feels right. I am offering you a piece of me, read and judge. 🌻



WissenMonk Anthology 2020:


WissenMonk Anthology 2020 is a product of the WissenMonk community, a community of young aspiring writers who write regularly on Being an anthology it is a collection of different works of different writers on relevant and useful topics. Although most of the writers are young and amateur there is no shortage of quality in the content with contents full of positivity, emotions, information and knowledge.  Writers have poured their hearts out implementing the best of their creativity. 


What it has to offer?

*Soulful poetry

*Short stories full of life and emotions

*Informative articles

*Creative and touching abstracts

All this on topics like social issues, homosexuality, life, mental health, environment, pandemics, etc.

Readers of this anthology should take away a lot of positivity, life lessons and knowledge. In a year that hasn’t been too good to anyone this anthology should be one of the few good things to happen to them this year.


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and WhatsApp: +91 7896937115


Product type: Ebook



1. Abhishek Bagra

2. Adeela Hamed

3. Ankur Das

4. Anurag Srivastava

5. Arunabh Hazarika

6. Benazir Siddique 

7. Comfort Myam

8. Karanika Kashyap

9. Karishma Sharma

10. Kaynat Qureshi Sultana

11. Monica Limbu

12. Neha Bharali

13. Nirmali Medhi

14. Payal Sarmah

15. Purnima Basumatary 

16. Riya Crowd

17. S.M.

18. Stuti Agarwal

19. Sukanya Roy

20. Tanay Sengupta

21. Triveni Goswami

TOSM + WMA2020 Combo

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99,00₹Precio de oferta
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