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This new edition of Wisdom Quest, Travelle Vol.2, is jam packed with thrilling stories from around the world. With spiritual essence, rowdy adventures and personal favourites embroidered in its pages, our writers have been meticulous in drafting their pieces.  

With each story, you are bound to be transported to places, with a plethora of monuments to savour and exciting nature to breathe in. Our writers have made sure to diligently use metaphors explaining in detail the heart of their stories. After each read, you will end up craving for more. As an editor, I’m quite sure of that. 

So, once again, I invite you to indulge in this issue of Wisdom Quest, and take in every inch of the stories we have to offer. 

Wishing you a happy read! 



Adeela Hameed 

Editor, Wisdom Quest  


Travelle Vol. 2

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