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Durjoy Datta, is literally worth reading. “When I Am with you” is a story about child whisperer Aishwarya Mohan and Crypto Expert Dhiren Das. While Aishwarya is someone who deeply loves kids, she deeply despises the concept of marrying just for the sake of having kids. Dhiren, who claims to be the biggest ‘Harami’, is an expert with technologies and software.

Both belong to dysfunctional families and despise the idea of ‘having families’, but fate had different plans for them. Aishwarya faces hatred issues with her mother, while Dhiren hates his parents for killing something he ever wanted in his life. It's incredible to see, even after all the hatred they faced in their lives, they still held so much love in their hearts. The way they cared for each other, for accomplishing Aishwarya’s dream, and their love for children, all of it is portrayed perfectly

When I am with you

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