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Whispers From Saraighat Anniversary Edition

Author: Snehal Deb


Poetry in its purest and unbridled form is often referred to as ‘emotions recollected in tranquility’. The ‘human’ in any poet (or a verse-maker for that matter) is actually seen from a prism where one gets emancipated or liberated – a gradual transformation and eventual transition from the mundane to the spiritual, and one’s final metamorphosis into a ‘passionate poet’. Young verse-maker Snehal Deb’s evocative debut poetry collection Whispers From Saraighat beautifully echoes the pristine emotions hitherto embedded and ensconced in his heart – the heart of a poet that is devoid of any horizons. If one reads all the poems in his collection in one go, one instantly feels a ‘connect’ – that all his pent up emotions lay entwined in each other’s arms. It is here that the innocence in his emotions comes out with nonchalant ease. There’s a certain carelessness in his verse-making, one that is carefree and so soothing for the readers and for anyone who has an innate love for poetry, without being too pretentious. Apart from his innocent, carefree and nonchalant style of verse-making, the other strikingly potent aspect of his poetry lies in his variety and range. This is simply remarkable. He makes us smile in The Break of Dawn, while he scares us with The Storm. In She, the poet extols the pristine power femininity, while he instills hope within us in This Too Shall Pass. These are just a handful in his ornate collection, which takes all of us by surprise. Why? How? A young civil engineer has so successfully engineered his way into erecting blocks of emotions through his poetry.


~Saikh Md. Sabah Al-Ahmed

Whispers From Saraighat Anniversary Edition

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